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Choose an Office Moving Company

An office move involves a lot more than just moving boxes. There’s downsizing, reconfiguring the space, disconnecting and transferring technology, setting up phone systems, servers, and printers. There’s also cleaning, painting, and reorganizing the new office to make it feel like home. Plus, employees must be kept informed and happy through the transitional workflows, reorganization, and adjustment periods.

If you’re planning an office move, it pays to hire a professional commercial moving company. These logistics experts are trained to quickly and safely move business furniture, equipment, and sensitive files. And a top-rated mover will also offer a variety of other services that will help reduce costs and disruption to your workforce. Great Guys Moving enables you to find local movers that specialize in office moves by zip code, and many offer a free quote. For example, Bekins specializes in full-service moving, but it’s also the best office moving company for electronics. Its movers use a unique packing technique to reduce the risk of damage during transit. Instead of packing each computer and monitor into individual boxes, Bekins packs twelve computers into a single metal cart and shrink wraps it for maximum protection.

The specialized packing and loading techniques that these companies office moving company albany, ny employ will also save you money. By eliminating unnecessary costs, you can keep your budget under control. And by minimizing downtime, you can get your staff back to work faster.

Choosing the right office moving company begins with a thorough inventory of your current workspace and its contents. Create a list of everything you’ll be taking with you to your new space, and note what you’ll be leaving behind (like old trash cans and whiteboards). Once you’ve created your inventory, cross-reference it with the layout of your new space to determine what additional services you’ll need from your moving company.

A good office move company will define your project scope and provide a quote. This includes a plan for how long the project will take and what types of services you’ll need, such as crating or packing. It should also specify the cost for labor, transportation, insurance coverage, and storage, if applicable.

When comparing quotes, consider the total weight of the shipment, the distance between the two offices, and whether stairs or elevators will be needed to transport items. You should also expect to pay more for a move that includes multiple floors and rooms, since these require more time and effort than a single-story space. If you have questions, contact the movers directly to discuss your needs and get an accurate quote. The movers will work with you to schedule your move after business hours, so the transition won’t disrupt normal operations. After the move, you’ll need to return all keys and parking passes, and check out the new building to make sure nothing was left behind or damaged during transit. This is also a good time to change your address everywhere it’s listed, from your website and email signature to your business cards and letterhead.

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